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About Archaeological Tour Routes

The Archaeological Tour Routes research and planning are carried out under the studies for establishment of the Turkish Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

The technical team includes the experts from the necessary fields such as tour organizers, guides, archaeologists, designers and publishers.

The purposes of the Archaeological Tour Routes study can be summarized as follows:

  1. To plan 40 special tours from the different regions in a manner to increase the interest in the fields of archaeology, culture and history, and to create the catalogs in detail; and
  2. To raise awareness of culture and history through the archaeological tours; and
  3. To raise awareness of conservation of the culture and nature through the archaeological tours; and
  4. To infuse with a love of archeology, culture and history; and
  5. To generate the new and qualified alternates for the archaeological tours of the world, the European Union and Turkey; and
  6. To organize the special archaeological tour programs to the different regions of Turkey; and
  7. To plan the special tours intending to introduce the different ancient periods of Anatolia; and
  8. To highlight the special aspects of Anatolia through the thematic tour plans; and
  9. To draw up and publish a catalog of archaeological tours that will serve the mission of the Institute.

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