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  1. To carry out the studies with respect to awarding the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral education scholarships, and the scientific-cultural-artistic activity supports, and the educational meeting supports, and grants, awards and other forms of incentives and supports, for the scientists and students in Turkey and the European Union.
  2. To plan and organize the educational conferences, symposiums, seminars and study trips, which intends to raise the awareness of culture and history with respect to the archaeology and art history, ethnography and other subjects, for the purpose of establishment of the unity of national culture, national consciousness and ideal for the young persons, and to support the activities carried out by any third party for such purpose, and to carry pout joint studies with the same. To carry out the educational and training activities for all social segments, and to support the activities with respect thereto.
  3. To hold training, course, internship and activity programs, which also cover the new scientific, cultural and artistic developments on national and international basis, for the European and Turkish scientists, students, those who intend to gain the domain expertise, and for the public and private industry personnel who serve in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage, as well as for academicians and university students, and to encourage participation in such programs, and to establish appropriate locations, and to ensure continuity of such opportunities.
  4. To hold the common expertise training, course and certificate programs in order to eliminate the expert deficit, as required in the field of the archaeology and cultural heritage throughout the country, in the fields that are requested by the Ministry or identified by the Foundation.
  5. To schedule and develop the educational projects, and to assess and implement the educational projects received by the Institute.
  6. To support and/or participate in the educational studies/programs carried out by the other institutions.
  7. To carry out the museum education studies.
  8. To establish the relations with the domestic and foreign educational institutions and persons, with which/whom cooperation will be established, and to plan the joint projects and events.
  9. To draw up the annual scholarship programs, and to determine the numbers and candidates, and to guide the same.
  10. To draw up the annual internship programs, and to determine the numbers and candidates, and to guide the same.
  11. To plan, organize and carry out the training seminars.
  12. To plan, organize and carry out the summer schools.
  13. To plan, organize and carry out the certified training programs.
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