Türk Arkeoloji ve Kültürel Miras Enstitüsü


  1. To plan, implement, coordinate implementation of, monitor and report the archaeological excavations and research studies, which are carried out nationally and internationally for and on behalf of the Institute, and which are approved by the Board of Trustees.
  2. To plan, coordinate implementation of, monitor and report the restoration and conservation works for the historical and cultural artifacts as requested by the scientists from the Institute.
  3. To develop the national-scale domestic and foreign policy proposals in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage, and to carry out a research accordingly.
  4. To plan and carry out the activities intending all aspects of the cultures and arts to be studied by the Turkish and European scientists and students in all relevant fields such as anthropology, art history, history, epigraphy, numismatics.
  5. To carry out and/or support the world-class unique scientific research and field studies in the fields of social sciences, cultural industries, archaeology, history, art, contemporary studies and cultural heritage.
  6. To establish and develop a technical office equipped with modern equipment and expert personnel that can meet the needs of the field archaeology.
  7. To carry out and/or support studies with respect to the relevant subjects such as cultural heritage, cultural landscape, cultural economy and field management.
  8. To develop methods and standards for archaeology and cultural heritage as well as for preventive archaeology studies, and to draw up guides, and to encourage and support the practices.
  9. To carry out cooperation and joint projects with the Turkish, European or global universities, institutes and research centers.
  10. To procure and archive the books, paintings, photographs, copies, maps, documents, other materials and equipment and objects in relation to conservation of the archaeological and cultural heritage, through the donations and purchases, in accordance with the applicable regulations, and to create, operate and develop a national archaeological information system, i.e. an active database.
  11. To provide technical-scientific consultancy and support in the fields of archaeology, art history, cultural heritage, cultural industries and other relevant sciences.
  12. To develop scientific projects, and to submit the same for approval of the Executive Board.
  13. To assess the scientific project proposals submitted to the Institute, and to submit those, which are deemed to be appropriate, for approval of the Executive Board.
  14. To design and perform the scientific studies.
  15. To follow the scientific developments in Europe and the world, and to create a knowledge base-archive.
  16. To draw up the annual programs for the scientific publications, and to submit the same to the Executive Board, and to carry out the entire process in relation to preparation of the works, as selected by the Editorial Board, for publication.
  17. To edit the articles to be included in the books and journals that are intended to be published.
  18. To follow the periodical (Journal) of the Institute with all of its phases.
  19. To plan the scientific conferences annually, and to ensure that these conferences are performed.
  20. To draw up the annual programs for scientific meetings such as congresses, symposiums, panels, workshops, and to organize all of the preparations of each meeting, such as content, participants, timing, and to draw up the publication for meeting minutes.
  21. To ensure and/or participate in performance of the stakeholder programs through the scientific studies carried out by the other institutions in Europe and Turkey.
  22. To plan and carry out the researches that will directly be maintained by the Institute.
  23. To draw up the annual plans for the studies in relation to the research, and to determine the framework of the research support quota annually, and to submit the same to the Executive Board.
  24. To monitor the scientific researches, and to compile the results thereof for the archive of the Institute.
  25. To ensure development of the scientific archive of the Institute, and to carry out the research and procurement studies with respect thereto.
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