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Real Donation

The donation publications are accepted for the library collection in order to provided contribution to the research carried out at the Turkish Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, and to meet the information needs of the users.


Criteria for Selection of Resources

Any and all resources, including both books and non-books, which will be included in the library collection by means of donation, are selected by the advisory board/subject matter experts/expert librarian based on the following criteria, provided that they comply with the research areas and examination objectives of the Institute.


Criteria for selection of resources derived as donations:

  • The publications to be donated should be suitable for the Institute library, and they should have the qualifications to support the scientific studies to be carried out, and they should have the qualifications that have not lost their current and scientific character.
  • The publications donated will not be accepted if they are already available in the collection of the library.
  • The publications, which are not used in a clean manner physically, and which have missing pages, and which are worn out, are not accepted as donations.
  • If the publications provided by the newspapers as a promotion vary in terms of paper, printing and content, then the donations are not accepted.
  • In respect of the periodicals, the publications, which fail to provide the integrity of the volume, and the publications, which fail to provide integrity with the current collection, and the single issues are not accepted as donations.
  • The multi-volume works such as journals, encyclopedias, etc. are accepted if they form the integrity of volume.
  • The primary school and high school textbooks, and the duplications and lecture notes, and the publications and materials photocopied are not accepted as donations.



  • An ex libris containing the donor information is attached to the materials suitable for the library collection, and such materials are included in the collection in order to be utilized by the users upon completion of the technical procedures.
  • A letter of appreciation is sent to the donor for and on behalf of the Institute.
  • A special collection or shelf cannot be created in a manner to disrupt the integrity of the library collection upon the requests of the donors.
  • The donors cannot raise any claim or right with respect to their donation.
  • The library is entitled to return the publications accepted as donation, or to donate the same to another library, if it deems appropriate.
  • The library is entitled to decide what it will present to the users based on which rules.
  • The donor may not claim any cash or real rights with respect to the information resources donated.

The Institute may refer to the private or legal persons to for collection donation purposes.

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