Türk Arkeoloji ve Kültürel Miras Enstitüsü

Archaeology and Culture Economy

The platform studies intend to establish a model in order to establish the cultural economy strategy and policies in relation to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage values of our geography.

Accordingly, the cultural heritage studies that will be handled by the Platform activities are defined as follows:

  • It will ensure the rebirth of this heritage in the fields of contemporary visual arts, handicrafts, performance arts, architecture, design and music, and it will add new interpretations, and it will allow the same to integrate with the contemporary life.
  • Announcement and recognition of its outputs will be increased through the advertisement, media and software, film industry, radio and television, broadcasting and printed media, libraries, archives, museums, historical sites, culture, tourism and archaeology fairs.
  • The integration with the other contemporary and universal project and study networks carried out in Europe and in the world will be ensured.

This formation, which has not ever been established in Turkey until today, will take place within the organization of the Turkish Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, and it will assume important tasks with respect to realization of the forward-looking projections as well as with respect to development of the new strategies and policies within the changing world balances. The members of the Platform continue their study under the Cultural Heritage Policy Development Committee of the Institute.

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