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National Archaeology Council I

National Archaeology Council I


In respect of the Archaeology Council, which will be held for the first time in our country, 11 Commissions have appeared, and the preparatory meetings have been started. During the Council, which is intended to be held in Ankara with international participation, the joint report of the commissions will be declared and delivered to the relevant institutions and persons, and the necessary support will be provided in order to put into practice the same.

Commissions: The main subjects of the archaeology are studied by the hundreds of scientists-a man of culture-artists in the 11 Commissions established in the fields of Science-Research, Education, Archeometry, Digital Archaeology, Art, Tourism-Promotion, Cultural Economy, Cultural Heritage-Conservation, Cultural Policies, Laws-Institutions and Museology.. It is intended to draw a common roadmap for Turkish archaeology, and to propose solutions for the main problems in relation to the archaeology, through the SWOT analysis to be drawn up upon completion of these studies.

Duties of Commissions:

Each commission, consisting of 8-12 persons who are fully competent in their field, will draw up their reports under the sub-headings, they have identified, and they will also include the following heading in their study:

  • Due diligence (SWOT),
  • Identifying the problems,
  • Solutions proposed,
  • Future vision projections,
  • What measures should be taken in order to mitigate the problems and to increase the success under this heading,
  • Defining the roadmap,
  • Drawing up the short and long term of action plans,
  • Determining the priorities,
  • Determining what works can be carried out with which stakeholders,
  • Determining the duties and responsibilities of the Institute.



It is intended to identify the level of the archaeology and other relevant fields thereof in terms of theory and practice with respect to such subjects as science, research, profession, training, communication, and to identify the problems, and to propose solutions thereto, and to draw up a roadmap for the ideal scientific-institutional future, through the study of the commissions under the Archaeology Council.

In the same context, the preparations are performed in order to bring together any and all stakeholders such as the state, academia, local governments and NGOs and to exchange opinions.

Basing on these goals and methods, the purposes to be achieved with the Archaeology Council can be specified as follows:

  1. To find the ideal formation/development methods of the concept of "Turkish Archaeology"; and
  2. To achieve the applicable, rational and concrete consequences; and
  3. To submit the proposals for short and long term study plan to the relevant Ministries, academia and other relevant institutions; and
  4. To assess the inter-institutional cooperation and relations, and to develop the new proposals together with the same; and
  5. To save time for the relevant implementing persons by providing contribution to the strategy determination; and
  6. To assess any and all consequences, and to propose the short and long term roadmaps to the world of archaeology and the Institute Management; and
  7. To make a versatile SWOT analysis of Turkish archaeology. 



  1. Archaeology in Terms of Science and Research
  2. Archeometry
  3. Digital Archaeology
  4. Education and Archaeology
  5. Art and Archaeology
  6. Archaeology in Terms of Tourism and Promotion
  7. Archaeology and Culture Economy
  8. External and Internal Turkish Cultural Policies Archaeology and Diplomacy
  9. Archaeology in Terms of Institutions and Laws
  10. Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  11. Museology and Archaeology
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