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The Certified Training Program "Protecting the History", which is designed under the European Union Civil Society Dialogue, is covered by the NGO representatives and Public Personnel Training of the project of the Turkish Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

Basing on the principle for "Providing contribution to formation of a management and society that is trained and conscious about the cultural heritage", which constitutes one of the main objectives of the Institute, an effective and dynamic training program has been carried out in order to ensure development of the NGOs and the public officials serving in Gaziantep in the fields of the archaeology and cultural heritage. The two programs are intended in a manner to be organically associated and interbedded in order to ensure communication and meeting between the social groups. Please click in order to watch the training programs.

For such purpose, the pilot program which is drawn up in Gaziantep, will serve as the basis for similar programs to be carried out in the long term. The main purpose of the training to be provided to the expert personnel group in relation to archaeology and to the relevant NGOs within the Ministry and Municipality units is to develop and reinforce the knowledge of such groups-persons, who are actually interested in the archaeology, in the field of archaeology, and to popularize the awareness of culture and history, and to provide contribution to the mission and coordination of the local governments and NGOs, especially the government, with respect to protection of the cultural assets. The primary target audience has been identified as the relevant public officials and experts, who are responsible for legal performance of the archaeology and conservation, and the NGOs who experience and involve in the consequences of the implementation.

The participants have been granted with certificates upon completion of the training.



  • To enable the experts, who provide trainings, to improve and become more competent with respect to the archaeology and conservation, and to have knowledge about the functioning of the cultural and artistic institutions in Europe.
  • To enable the participants to provide trainings for the purpose of improvement of their institution and personnel with respect to the archaeology and cultural heritage.
  • To popularize the awareness of cultural heritage by reaching the different audiences through the experts participating in the program.
  • To provide contribution to the civil society dialogue and communication network of the Institute, and to increase the visibility thereof.
  • To increase the interest and sensitivity of the NGOs with respect to the archaeology-related matters through the NGO representatives.


Method: The program, which will be applied both theoretically and in the field, intends to provide the basic information about the archaeology and the other relevant fields, and to understand and love the history much more by means of the historical cultural heritage, and to improve the cultural and historical awareness through the same. Thus, it is intended to provide contribution to the process for the purpose of protection. A dynamic and active training model has been preferred through the support trainings to be provided to the relevant public experts and NGO representatives.

This pilot scheme is of reproducible, with greater participation, to a various and broader audience.

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