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About Library

One of the most important studies carried out for the Institute is establishment of the Archaeology Specialization Library. For the library, the entire ground floor of the Kendirli Complex has bene restored, and it has been made available along with its furniture and technical equipment.

Both physical and digital collections with respect to the archaeology and any and all relevant ancient sciences have been started to be created.

The Institute, which intends to keep available any and all kinds of publications with respect to the Anatolian archaeology, has expected establishment of the Turkish Archaeology Library as the focal target of the library. Therefore, more than 50,000 digital resources have been compiled primarily.

On the other hand, more than 1,000,000 documents from the Archives of the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage and Museums have been scanned and archived with respect to the archive studies under the Institute. More than 60,000 maps, photographs, films, etc. have been compiled from the State and Ottoman Archives.

Any and all of such data as the documents, photos, maps, etc., as collected, will be gradually made available through the website of the Turkish Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

The Institute intends to provide a qualified research/study infrastructure to researchers and the society through the library and archive studies.

The Library and Archive infrastructure has been designed and prepared in a manner to be integrated with the infrastructures of the national and international libraries through the software and disciplines such as KOHA, DublinCore.

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