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I.National Archeology Council Meets

1 January 2021

I. National Archeology Council


  1. To identify the level of the archeology and other relevant fields thereof in terms of theory and practice with respect to such subjects as science, research, profession, training, communication, to identify the problems, and to propose solutions thereto, and to draw up a roadmap for the ideal scientific-institutional future.
  2. In the same context, the preparations are performed in order to bring together any and all stakeholders such as the state, academia, local governments, and NGOs and to exchange opinions.
  3. To find the ideal formation/development methods of the concept of "Turkish Archeology".
  4. To achieve the applicable, rational, and concrete consequences.
  5. To submit the proposals for short and long-term study plan to the relevant Ministries, academia, and other relevant institutions, to assess the inter-institutional cooperation and relations, and to develop the new proposals.
  6. To save time for the relevant implementing persons by providing contribution to the strategy determination.
  7. To assess any and all consequences, and to propose the short and long-term roadmaps to the world of archeology and the Institute Management.


Click here for detailed information about the Council.

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